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We are a family that cares about the quality of life.  We both grew up in an average suburb life, with very little skills to take care of ourselves. All we knew was to work and buy things from stores. After learning of a possible economic collapse, we decided to start learning and preparing. Our goal is to be 100% self sufficient. The less we take from the system the less it will affect us if the economy collapses. We also hope to avoid being affected by the continuing inflation. We welcome other people who abide by the non-aggression principle to join us in helping to grow food, work with the animals, and participate in unschooling activities. We encourage you to follow your heart, and find a way to live free.


  1. dan permalink

    hi I wanted to find out about pricing on quail cages shipped so south florida. looking for your contact info on your site cant find it. thank you Dan

  2. daniel permalink

    Tell me more, about raising them in the cage, and ur self contained feeding and watering system you had at that expo posted off the youtuber mixflip

  3. adobeparadise permalink

    My wife and I are learning about bitcoin. You popped up as someone close by that accepts bitcoin so we clicked to view your site. Now we’re even more curious. We’ve been homeschooling our children for a while now and it seems that you share many of our interests. We’d love to come and visit your homestead sometime in the near future.

    ~James Brooks

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